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Criminal Law

Thompson, Meier & King attorneys understand that our clients can sometimes end up on the wrong side of the law. Whether it is an innocent mistake or a wrongful accusation, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to ensure that their rights are protected. The world of criminal law can be daunting and complex, but we take the time to explain each and every option to our clients. When the time comes to go to Court, clients can rest assured that the attorneys at Thompson, Meier & King will present their strongest case to the judge and jury.

Thompson, Meier & King attorneys can appreciate the difficult and often sensitive position in which our clients may find themselves. Protecting our clients' privacy is paramount. We work with our clients to schedule appropriate times to contact them to avoid any embarrassing situations. When you are represented by a Thompson Meier & King attorney, you can be confident that your advocate is professional, thorough, and sensitive to your specific needs.